• July 6, 2021

What you need to know about the cabin interior of the 2018 Hyundai Sonata SUV

You’re about to be invited to take a look inside a new Hyundai Sonatas cabin interior.

This time around, the interior design is a lot more refined, thanks to a number of new elements, including a new LED lighting system that lights up when the Sonatahs are on.

In addition, the Sonats interior now features a more open, more spacious layout, with a new seating arrangement that’s easier to navigate and has a bigger open living area.

The Sonats cabin interior is also much more spacious, thanks in part to a revised seatback layout that gives you more room to maneuver and a larger, more expansive bed area.

It’s a very new design that you’ll find in a new model like the Sonata.

There are new materials used in the cabin, and the Sonatis cabin interior has been upgraded with LED lighting that adds more visual flair to the cabin.

What you’re going to see Inside the 2018 Sonata cabin, the cabin is a much more open and spacious place.

The seats are much larger, thanks largely to a new design.

A new design is in place that will give you more space to maneuver.

The design is open and it’s much more accessible to people of all ages.

The new seating position is easier to maneuver inside.

You can move the seats to a more comfortable position by tilting the headrests slightly and adjusting the height of the head rests.

You’ll also see the new Sonatase headrest design that’s used for the driver and passenger.

The cabin is very spacious.

There’s room for a total of three passengers, with the top two seats having room to spare.

The roofline is a new, higher level of detail, thanks mostly to new glass that improves the look and feel of the cabin while also giving you a more immersive look into the Sonati’s interior.

You have more room for the passenger seat, thanks mainly to a longer rear seat that offers more legroom.

The interior has a new layout that includes a new headrest position that offers even more room.

The driver’s seat is still the top seat in the front, but the new seats are wider and offer even more leg room.

You also have more leg space on the passenger side of the seatbacks.

The seat backs are much wider.

The top of the rear seatback is longer, and it now has a larger area for the seat to rest on.

There is room for two passengers to move to the back of the car.

The dashboard has been updated, thanks primarily to a redesign of the instrument cluster.

It features more information.

There has also been a new center stack that’s also longer and wider.

There also is a redesigned steering wheel, with its new buttons and new features.

There have also been improvements to the Sonas audio system.

It includes new features that allow you to connect your phone and Bluetooth headphones to the speakers.

There was also a new dashboard audio system that can be used to control the Sonato’s audio system, thanks specifically to the new audio system from Sonata audio.

There were also more new Sonata features in the 2018 model like Sonata’s new Sonato app, which allows you to access the Sonatal Sonatases system in a more seamless way.

The 2018 Sonatata is now available for $25,835, but you can pick it up at any dealership that offers a 2018 Sonati.

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