• October 28, 2021

Why I’m voting for a Republican nominee in November

In November, I’ll be voting for Mitt Romney, who, at his best, is a master of the old-school Republican “dog-whistle” message, a vision of America that is deeply embedded in the country’s history and culture.

In his campaign speeches, Romney has promised to deliver an America that’s “not a melting pot of foreigners and refugees” and a country where “our children are not drowning in poverty.”

In his inaugural address, he promised to “make sure that every American has a chance to achieve their dreams.”

For a man who has long been described as “a lifelong Republican” by the media and his own party, Romney’s candidacy has always been deeply divisive, and this election, like so many others in recent memory, is no exception.

As we’ve written before, Romney is deeply disliked by the American public, particularly among young voters, and he has a long history of divisive, divisive rhetoric.

His statements on foreign policy, immigration, health care, and gun control have been consistently incendiary, as has his insistence that the U.S. should “take out” Syrian President Bashar Assad, which has caused the United States and its allies to launch more than 70 airstrikes on his government.

And while he has consistently maintained that he is a conservative and is willing to sacrifice his own political ambitions to win re-election, it is also clear that many voters see him as a “conservative,” rather than a “Republican.”

As he told his own supporters in his 2012 campaign ad, “I’m a conservative because I want a country that works for everyone, and not just those who are fortunate enough to live here.”

But while many of Romney’s rhetoric is rooted in this conservatism, his foreign policy has been less clear-cut.

In an interview with The New York Times in June, he said that he has “always been more interested in world stability than in fighting ISIS.”

That statement suggests that his foreign-policy positions were shaped by his own personal concerns about the U, but in fact he was more concerned about fighting radical Islam than fighting ISIS.

It also suggests that he had a “very strong instinct” to work with Russia to fight the terrorist group ISIS, as he told The Times in 2014.

But, while the Trump campaign is focused on what it calls the “America First” theme, Romney, as The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza noted last month, is “also an ardent defender of the status quo, especially in the Middle East.”

Romney’s views on Russia, Iran, and China are largely in line with the views of most Republicans.

But Romney’s “America first” stance has also drawn the ire of Democrats, who have repeatedly accused him of supporting an imperialistic foreign policy.

And, as Lizza reported, while Romney has spoken out forcefully against U.N. sanctions on Russia for its aggression in Ukraine and Crimea, he has made little effort to publicly address the broader threat posed by Russia to the U of A. And his foreign policies have often been driven by what he sees as a self-serving need to be seen as a reliable partner to the United Kingdom, which he has described as a friend, even as he has attacked it for its role in supporting Assad.

The Republican candidate’s foreign policy positions have also often been the product of a deep sense of self-importance.

In a 2013 interview with CBS News, Romney explained that he felt “great shame” over the way the U-S.

has behaved in the past: “I was very ashamed to be a businessman in a foreign country.

I was embarrassed to be in a position where I had to pay taxes, I was ashamed to pay the bills of other Americans that I owed money to.

I’m ashamed to have spent my life building companies and businesses that were in debt to other people, that were paying taxes to other governments, that owed money and that were struggling to repay those debts.”

Romney has often praised President Obama for taking bold steps to address the crisis in Ukraine, but he has repeatedly argued that his approach has not been successful, and in a recent interview with ABC News, he called Ukraine a “failed state” and accused Obama of “being reckless.”

He also repeatedly has defended his record as a businessman, arguing that he was able to get his company’s finances in order despite having no real experience as a businessman.

In another interview with Fox News, Mitt Romney said that his business record, while important, is not the most important thing about him.

“You know, I have had to deal with a lot of things that you could never have handled,” Romney said.

“And I have been fortunate to have been able to have a great career in business.

I have a lot to learn.

I can never be a successful businessman.

And I just think that’s one of the things that really drives me, that I think it’s very important that people learn.

And what I’ve learned from my business is that the way to succeed is not to

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