• June 18, 2021

How to make an interior design portfolio from scratch

Designers with a passion for design have been crafting designs since the dawn of civilization.

They can trace their history back to the Ancient Greeks, and they are still making beautiful designs today.

Here are six of the best and most innovative design portfolios from designers around the world.


The Wall St. Journal article “How to build a portfolio from a stack of notes, with notes, notes, and more notes.”

— Daniel Bressan, founder of design-focused startup Design-a-palooza, which helps designers build a design portfolio with their notes.

Bressancuso and his wife, Lisa, both design and work as architects, so the idea for their portfolio idea came out of an urgent need to make a quick design portfolio.

In addition to his writing, Bressanzos loves to design and create, and the two worked on an ad hoc team to produce the first prototype of the design portfolio they were developing.

They’re happy with how it turned out and are now working on expanding the product to other companies.

“I’ve been in this industry since I was a kid, and I have a lot of ideas about how to do better, but I never really thought of making a portfolio,” Bressanchos said.


The New York Times article “Why I’m the best person to start your career as an architect in America.”

— Peter Nussbaum, president of design firm Nussbacher Design Group, who designed the iconic New York City skyline.

In 2014, Nussbecker designed a tower for a New York-based nonprofit called “Project Nusseer,” which uses public art and contemporary design to inspire residents to create sustainable living.

“A good portfolio is a way to tell your story,” Nussbeck said.

“It’s not just a piece of paper that you have in front of you.

You should really be able to tell that story.”

He also advises his clients on their portfolios to help them choose their subjects.


The Guardian article “You can’t build a great portfolio with a boring website.”

— Jonathan Wray, author of “The Art of Building a Design Career.”

When you’re looking for a portfolio, there are certain topics you want to keep a tight grip on.

“You need to keep track of the things you don’t want to be overlooked, like your aesthetic, the way your design fits the space, and even how much time you spend on it,” Wray said.

And that’s exactly what he does.

He makes sure to keep the portfolio at least 50 percent of his writing.


DesignPulse.com article “A designer who has been at it for 20 years can’t keep a straight face.”

— Michael Burt, the founder of DesignPulses, which launched in 2010.

Burt says the best advice he ever got from a client was to work with a client and then “just work out all of the issues with the client.”

That’s exactly the strategy he’s followed.

He has a solid writing style and doesn’t shy away from taking criticism.

He says it’s the same with his portfolio, and he has a list of things he can add to the portfolio if he wants to improve it. 5.

The Verge article “The best design-and-design-and art portfolio advice I’ve heard all year.”

— Jessica Stegman, author and chief content officer at The Verge.

In 2016, Stegmans husband, Aaron, created a design blog called Artful.org.

The website was intended to give designers a place to showcase their work to readers, but it quickly evolved into a destination for artists, designers, and designers to share their work.

She and Aaron decided to launch a site dedicated to showcasing the work of other designers and artists, which they call The Artful Designers’ Group.

It’s a collaborative, personal community where artists can come together to share and collaborate on their work and to find out what others are working on. 6.

The Telegraph article “I like to make design portfolios to give me a roadmap.”

— Nick Gorman, the chief creative officer at fashion brand Zoya.

He said he’s used his portfolio as a tool for finding the next great designers and that it’s a good way to help him find new collaborators and to see what others have done.

“My favorite thing I do is look through my portfolio to see where my contemporaries are working, and then I go and meet with them,” he said.

He also has a blog that he uses to share his portfolio and to discuss his career and work.

He does that for about three months, and once a year he updates his blog with a list for designers to submit their portfolios for consideration.

“Sometimes I have more ideas than I have time,” he told The Telegraph.

“But I always have something to say.”

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