• October 21, 2021

Al Jazeera’s interior design students to be trained as interior designers

The students will work in the public spaces of London’s City of Culture, an annual event organised by the London Art Institute and the Royal Institute of British Architects.

The institute is set to present its first-ever student design programme in January, and the first one in Europe.

The students have been invited to train in London’s Royal Academy of Art, and to the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Edinburgh.

The aim is to train up to 150 students over a five-year period, according to the institute.

The programme will teach students to create and design contemporary art and installations, in a way that is accessible and engaging to the public, said Jodie Mascarell, ICA’s Director of Public Art.

I think the public will be looking at this as a great opportunity to learn about how art can be created for the public and not just for a private collector or a wealthy individual, said ICA Director of Design and Construction, Peter Scholl.

“The students have the ability to take the ideas of this programme and apply them to a more practical application,” he said.

“The idea of a public art gallery in the city centre is really a very real possibility.”

The ICA has launched a website for the design-based programme, and has invited other design schools in the UK to participate.

While the aim is public art, the students also will be expected to work with local communities.

Mascarella said the aim was to create a public gallery where people could go to learn how to create their own work, and that is what is being sought in this project.

He said it was an ideal opportunity to encourage young people to engage with the idea of urban living.

One of the major challenges is that London is one of the most urbanised cities in the world, with many different cultures and ethnicities living side by side.

“When you’re designing for the city, you need to take in all the different people who live in it,” he explained.

“In this project, we hope to help young people connect with their local communities, learn about their own identities and to see how they can relate to each other.”

A programme that combines the idea that public art is about public space, as well as urban design and contemporary art, has already been successful in New York. 

According to the International Design Academy, New York has the highest number of public art spaces in the US.

In London, the institute has also been able to attract young professionals to work on a project that aims to encourage creativity in the design and construction of urban spaces.

Its website has a page of the design student’s work, highlighting the project as a project of the Institute for Urban and Design Studies (IUDSS), a leading design school in the United Kingdom.

A website has also also been launched in the Netherlands, where the institute is also working with the Dutch design school.

This is part of the UK’s growing public art programme, which has seen a number of private galleries open and an exhibition run by the Institute in March.

Al Jazeera’s Ben Whitehead, reporting from London, said the design students could work in areas where the public was more likely to see the work, such as museums, gardens and public parks.

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