• October 10, 2021

The most amazing interior designer in the world

Designer and interior designer Mikael Nordqvist, known as Mikael for his “Mikael Nordvall” name, is the reigning winner of the prestigious Design Award, given annually to the best interior design practice in the United States.

But the winner was not his home, nor his office.

“The actual home was very far away, so I could only go inside the studio and there was no way I could get in,” he told National Geographic.

“But after about a year, I realized that there was a way to get into the studio without any security, but still have an idea of where the design team was.”

For Nordqvists latest home, the home he designed for a client, the design company, he designed a new office and found a small studio to work from, with no walls or furniture.

“I was lucky enough to find a space that was very quiet and had no windows, so when I moved in, I was completely alone,” he said.

The designers goal is to create a space for collaboration, where they can create their ideas for their clients and work together to create products.

“We wanted to have a small, intimate space, where we could just work together and make things that are a product, not just something for me to see, like a prototype,” Nordqvism said.

And since the studio has a lot of space, he’s able to make prototypes with a lot more time and less time spent on the office itself.

The home also has a kitchen and living room with a large TV in the living room.

“This is a place where you can really start to work and work on things,” Nordvism said, and since the design studio is very close to the design office, the studio can also be used as a studio to collaborate on products.

Nordvist has a history of design projects that have been successful in many countries.

He designed a restaurant in Dubai, and in Italy, a bar and restaurant, but also worked on a space to host an exhibition.

“For me, the biggest difference is the quality of the product,” Nordvvism said about the design experience.

“There’s not a lot going on in a design studio.

It’s just a lot that happens in the design process.”

Nordvists first design work in the US was for a company called G.I.P.A.E., a design agency that produces high-end home furnishings.

His work for the agency included a house for the clients in Dubai called the Bajak Hotel.

“In the hotel, we made this big space that had a lot to do with the whole theme of the interior design,” Nordwis said.

“It was a huge project that I was doing, but I was also designing for a large organization, so the quality was not the highest.

It was a good example of the kind of work I’m looking for in design.”

In the end, he and the team had to give up the design because of the large amount of space.

But he did finish the project and the client liked it, and the work was very well received.

“After that, I moved to Dubai and started my own company,” he added.

After that, he decided to work with more clients.

The most recent client was a fashion brand called Elie Saab.

“A couple of years later, we moved to Milan and I started to work on a house there, which I’m still doing,” Nordivism said with a laugh.

“And I had a client in Paris that wanted to work together with me to create something very beautiful.”

Nordqvings latest project for his clients is a new home for a fashion designer named Sianne Brouillette.

“She’s very much a minimalist person, so she was very interested in how we could get into her space and create a beautiful space,” he explained.

“At the same time, she’s very smart and creative, so we wanted to do things with her in a way that was not only very unique, but she had a good sense of style, as well.”

Nordwises current clients include a group of Italian fashion designers, who are working on a project to create clothes that look similar to his own designs.

“They’re all very excited to be working with me,” Nordveis said of his clients.

“When you have a team of such creative people, the more you have, the better it is to work.

And I think I’m really lucky that my clients are all so talented, and I’m very proud of the things I’ve created.”

“Design is a creative way to communicate ideas,” Nordvois said about design.

“So I think you have to be creative and make decisions that are not always logical.”

For more information on Mikael’s work visit his website.

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