• October 8, 2021

How to design a black interior design school

Black interior design schools are popping up across the US and UK, attracting students from across the globe.

They are being set up by architects and interior designers who are keen to teach their students the basics of black design, while also offering a career path for students.

Al Jazeera’s Marwan Abdelkader, reporting from Detroit, Michigan, met with the heads of some of these schools.

We spoke to one of the founders of the Black Interior Design School, Rachel Jones, who explained that the idea was inspired by the idea of “truly black” architecture.

“The black interior has always been a visual language that’s been used to communicate in ways that we’re used to not being able to communicate to white people,” Jones told Al Jazeera.

“Black design has always looked at the landscape as an extension of ourselves.

It’s about the people that we are, and the beauty that we have.”

The idea of the black interior school came about in 2015 when Jones and her friends decided to build a home.

The three-bedroom home was a living space that was inspired from the architecture of the South African capital Pretoria.

Jones’ house featured a black-painted roof and large windows in the front that would open onto the terrace.

Jones and the other students decided to create an all-black school, but the building didn’t look as black as they wanted it to.

They had to redraw the whole house, with a white interior and black interior, in order to be more accurate to the black aesthetic.

“It was like we were trying to paint the whole black house in white,” Jones said.

“We did all the work and put the white paint on it and that was it.

There was no colour in it.”

Jones’ students began to build the school, and in 2019 the first building was completed.

The students, who are still working on the building, hope to open another one within the next year.

Jones said the school has become the first of its kind in the US, and has been helping other black-owned companies to develop their designs.

The Black Interior Designer School was founded in the mid-2020s.

Since then, it has become one of America’s most influential black design schools.

Alijan Al-Fayez, who is also the owner of the house that Jones is renovating, said that the students have helped many people start their own businesses.

“People are coming from all over the country to get their business started and they have been very positive in helping people start businesses,” he told Al-Jazeera.

“They have helped the local economy to flourish.”

Al-Fariz said that he hoped the school would continue to provide opportunities for students in black communities.

“As long as the students are teaching, the black community will keep developing and the black business will keep thriving,” he said.

Jones explained that she hopes to continue to work with the school and its students to create more courses, in addition to continuing to host the Black Home School events.

“I would love to expand the curriculum and also to continue the teaching,” Jones explained.

“If they don’t come and teach anymore, they can go to any school that is willing to teach, or any school they want to teach.”

Al Jazeera spoke to the head of the school who said that Black Interior School has a long way to go before it is seen as a model of black interior architecture.

Marwan Abdulkader is reporting from Michigan, USA.

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