• September 26, 2021

Portland, Oregon: ‘Portland is the next big thing’

Portland, Maine’s new hotel and convention center is the latest to open in the city.

The Port of Portland is a major player in the booming interior design industry, and the new Hilton Portland Center is a showcase for its efforts.

The hotel and the convention center are located in an industrial area in the heart of the city, which has seen a boom in the development of the hotel industry.

This is a huge opportunity for the city of Portland.

The convention center will be a venue for live events such as conventions, art shows, movie and music festivals, and more, said John McVay, CEO of Hilton Portland.

“Portland is in a golden age of interior design and this is the future,” McVai said.

“We’ve had an opportunity to showcase the best of Portland and we’re excited to offer a unique, upscale experience for the people of Portland.”

The hotel is part of the Hilton Portland Group, which also includes hotels in Seattle, San Diego and New York.

The new hotel will open in 2021, and will house a hotel-casino and a concert hall, according to Hilton.

The resort also has plans to develop a residential campus on the site.

“Our goal is to create a hotel of the future in a city where we are surrounded by nature and we are in a unique environment,” McAvay said.

The Hilton Portland Hotel and Convention Center is located in the Portland Convention Center.

Source: Hilton, Hilton, Portland, ME, USA

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