• September 17, 2021

Seattle’s newest home is a ‘unique’ look at the city’s interior design

Inside Seattle’s new home is all about the interior design.

The new home by architecture firm Urban Realty has a spacious interior and sits at the corner of a busy street.

It is designed to accommodate both a business and residential use.

It’s not just for living and dining, though.

The owner says the home has a wide range of rooms, from the kitchen, to the bathroom, and even a large living room.

The architect says the house’s layout is meant to evoke a sense of the city.

It has two different types of floors, a modern room that can be used as an office, and a traditional room that serves as a guesthouse.

The main space is made up of a large square room with a large open-plan kitchen and a living room with two windows, a large sitting area and an open living room and an upstairs terrace.

The two main rooms have two separate living spaces.

Each has its own set of cabinets, closets, cabinets and storage.

The master bedroom has a large desk, two large armchairs, a wardrobe, and the bedroom’s master bathroom.

The kitchen, dining room and living room can be divided into two different areas.

In the master bedroom, there are two smaller closets and a small table with a cabinet, two cabinets, a closet, and storage for clothes and a few books.

The dining room has a small dining table, a chair and a shelf, while the living room has two small chairs and a cabinet.

The living room also has a dresser, a bookcase, a dressers closet, a small closet, two closets with storage, a wall shelf, and three drawers.

In addition, there is a wardrobe closet with a dressier, dressier closet, dresser closet, closet with three drawer, and dresser with three drawer.

In each room, there’s a mirror, a desk, a work station, a drawers, and an armchair.

A large desk with a chair is located in the center of the room.

A desk drawer is located on the floor and a drawer in the corner is for a coffee table.

The first floor, in the master bathroom, has a big vanity with a vanity vanity mirror, sink, vanity, and toilet.

A door in the living rooms corner has a door with a sink and toilet, while a door in front of the main bedroom has an open bathroom door with toilet and a door to a large sink and a sink with toilet.

The second floor has two separate bedrooms, with one having a closet and one with a bed and a closet.

The third floor is a large room with three separate bedrooms.

The room is divided into the bedroom with a single bed, a living space with two couches, a bathroom with a toilet and toilet seat, and one bedroom with two bathrooms.

There are two doors on the wall in the room, one in the front and one in front and a bathroom door.

The bathroom door has a toilet.

The design of the home is unique, according to architect Daniel Eriksson.

The design of this house is very much a mix between traditional European designs and modern designs.

The large central square space, with a big open-plank kitchen, large open plan bathroom and large living space, is very modern and very contemporary.

The house’s living space is open plan and has a great amount of space, he says.

The designer says the owner’s intention is that this house has the ability to be a meeting place for business and leisure, and also a meeting and dining space.

He also says that it can be a comfortable place to work and have a good time.

The house is currently listed for $4.9 million.

The Seattle Times reports that the owner is also looking for a home buyer to help build the house.

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