• September 12, 2021

What’s new for wood interior designers

Inside the walls of wood buildings in Chicago, it’s hard to find the same level of attention to detail as you’d find in any other modern building.

So it makes sense that a team of wood interior designer, wood experts, and architects at Chicago’s Institute for Wood and Architecture has been hard at work creating a series of unique and thoughtful projects.

“Wood is a material that we’ve been thinking about and designing for the past 40 years,” said Richard K. Linder, a member of the Institute’s Wood & Wood Design Committee and the lead designer on the project.

“The wood that we’re creating is not going to be in your backyard, but it’s going to have that very specific purpose, that very unique look.

We wanted to find a way to take that concept and put it in a modern, contemporary building.”

The project’s first two volumes were dedicated to the “modern” and “future” of wood.

“We wanted to bring that light into the building, and it’s an exciting project that will continue to inspire the designers and the people that work on the wood projects,” said Linder.

“It’s not just about getting the best out of wood, it also has a great sense of place, and a place that’s timeless.”

“We have to take it to the next level,” said R. Scott Linder of the Wood & Woods Design Committee, which includes members from the Institute and Wood & Design Architects.

“A lot of people think about the building as something that’s very specific to one place, but in reality it’s a great building that has been around for decades and has a very unique history and a very rich history.”

The book, titled The Modern Wood: Modern Design for the Modern Home, details the history of wood in Chicago and discusses its role in modern life, as well as its place in urban life.

“There’s a lot of discussion in the wood world about what’s going on right now,” said K.C. Hoch, president of the Chicago Wood Council and the co-author of the book.

“What are the problems that we see with the wood industry?

Why is it in such a bad shape?”

Wood, he said, is an important component of Chicago’s architectural landscape.

“I think we’re all living in a world where people are living in buildings,” Hoch said.

“Our buildings are part of the fabric of our community, they’re part of our history.

The way we interact with wood is an integral part of who we are.”

“Wood has been a part of this city since the early 1900s,” Linder said.

In the 1940s, Chicago’s Woodworkers Union went on strike and, with help from Chicago’s World War II veteran, Robert L. Folsom, the union organized a national campaign against timber.

“When I saw the union in the union hall, I thought, ‘That’s a very special place.

That’s a place where people would come to learn about their rights as workers,'” Hoch recalled.

“If the Woodworkers were to be successful, it was important to have a place to go to learn.

Wood was an important element in building our community.

The union was an integral element of the history that we live in.

Wood is the building material that makes this place what it is today.”

“The building is really a piece of history,” Linders said.

When the Institute opened in 2011, the group’s primary focus was to promote a unified aesthetic for wood and other building materials.

“People talk about the history and the history is important,” said Michael J. LeCler, a partner at Linder & LeClers who is also an architect.

“This is about what the building is and what it can be.

There are people that are working on these materials today that are just amazing.”

Linder has a number of projects in the works.

The first book, Wood: Designing the Modern Wood, will cover the history, economics, and environmental benefits of the material.

The second book, The Modern Home: The Art and Science of Making a Modern Home is a collection of practical projects that illustrate the many uses of wood and what makes it so unique.

The third book, Architecture in the Modern City, will examine the architectural landscape of Chicago and offer inspiration for the new buildings we build today.

“Architectural history is the history you can tell when you look at buildings,” Listers said.

The Institute for Design Architects and Wood is committed to helping architects and designers create new projects that bring the benefits of wood to modern homes and cities around the world.

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