• September 13, 2021

Which home is best for a family?

PHILADELPHIA — A family of four is going to need some help getting through the winter months.

It’s going to be a little tricky with the snow in the Northeast and a little bit of wind in the East.

So how much snow do we need for the New Year?

Here’s a list of wintertime essentials: A hat that’s a size large, at least.

Light snow cover.

A snow shovel.

Winter clothing.

Washing machines.

Stove and refrigerator.

Ice cream maker.

Frozen pizza.

Mug and coffee maker. 

There’s also an abundance of winter-appropriate things to look forward to:A blanket or sleeping bag for warmth. 

An outdoor grill. 

Ice cream cone.

An ice maker.

A stovetop heater. 

A snowshoe.

The list goes on.

And it will continue to get longer and longer as the season gets colder.

We’ve covered a lot of ground with our Winter Home & Garden Guide, but here’s what to expect.

The first winter to be on the upswing in Philadelphia is January 15.

You’re going to want to start preparing for the cold and snow early in the season.

Make sure you take advantage of Philadelphia’s outdoor holidays, which are all over town.

You may be able to find them in your area, or find them on the Web.

A good place to start is the city’s outdoor markets, which typically open in the late fall or early winter.

While there are some seasonal events in the city in the spring and summer, they’re typically focused on a specific season, like Halloween or Christmas.

You can check the city websites for more information on seasonal events, but you’re going too far for that.

For your wintery pleasure, we’ve got our picks for the best outdoor festivals in Philadelphia.

Check out our Winter 2016 Winter Guide for Winter Fun in Philadelphia to get an idea of where to find the best holiday fun in the area.

Check Out Our Best Outdoor Fairs in Philadelphia for Winter Winterfest.

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