• September 9, 2021

Wood interior design: Wood interior designers use sketches to make sketches of cabin design

Portland, Ore.

— Wood interior designer and furniture designer Kate Fetterman has spent the last six years working on wood designs for a number of furniture brands.

The design of her current cabin design, for a cabin in the Oregon mountains, is a result of that time spent.

She is a member of the Woodworkers Association of America and is also an active participant in woodworking projects with her husband, Steve, and their daughter, Kate, who is also a member.

Fettermans cabin is built of two pieces of plywood and is modeled after a cabin used by the famous actor William Holden.

The cabin, which was designed by Fettermen and her husband and is set to be completed later this summer, will house a fireplace, living space, kitchen, dining room and bathroom.

A large tree stands in front of the cabin.

Fendermans cabin design is a continuation of the furniture design she and her team at Woodworkers are already doing for various clients.

The family-friendly cabin will be one of a few in Oregon that will be built with sustainable materials.

“I’m always interested in the history of the design, how it was done, and what kind of wood was used,” Fettermann said.

“So this cabin, as a small cabin, it will be very unique, very minimal.

I think it will definitely have some rustic and rustic feel to the cabin.” “

It will have a wood grain and some wood chips and it will use some wood grain from the back of the cabins cabin as well as some of the wood from the front of these cabins.

I think it will definitely have some rustic and rustic feel to the cabin.”

Fettermeier’s wood cabin is an example of how an old-school cabin can be turned into something new with modern materials.

Fenterman’s cabin will also be a collaboration between her and her son-in-law, Jeff Fetter.

Jeff Fentermann, who works as a woodworker for the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, has also worked on many wood designs, most notably for the furniture maker, Michael Kors.

Fererman is also known for the way her cabin is made.

Fellerman and her family own and manage several woodworking shops, including a small shop called the Cone Wood Shop in Oregon’s Roseburg, Ore., where Fetterm’s cabin is set for completion this summer.

“The cabin was built with a lot of hand tools, a lot more than just a few different pieces of wood,” Fenderman said.

Her cabin design will also feature a cabin washbasin and a large kitchen.

The sink, refrigerator, stove and pantry will be made of a blend of traditional wood and recycled materials, as well.

Fishermans cabin will feature a fireplace in the kitchen, and it’s possible to have a dining room with a fireplace.

“We are going to do a little bit of a retrofit, but that will really be a touch up,” Fentermans said.

Fetters cabin will include a storage area and a bathroom with a sliding door.

Fettleman’s work is also featured on a website called the Woodworker’s Cabin.

Fetchman is a woodworking enthusiast, but she also works as an advocate for the environment, including through her work as an adjunct professor of architecture at Portland State University.

“As a woodwork person, I think of myself as a land and water conservator,” Fetchmans said, “and I think that woodwork has really really been an important part of that.”

Fettlemans cabin can also be seen as a reflection of her family.

She and her daughter, who are also members of the group, are raising money for the design of the next cabin that will house her son, Steve Fetterman, who has an interest in woodcraft.

Fetteman said that if her work on the cabin is successful, she plans to continue her work in the field of woodworking.

“When you have people that have passion for wood, they’re always passionate about wood, whether it’s a wood shop or a wood-working shop,” Fettem said.

For more on Kate Fettman’s woodworking cabin, visit the Woodworking Cabin website.

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