• September 9, 2021

How the UK’s ‘smart’ house became a hit in India

An urban design concept called ‘smart home’ may not have been created by the UK, but its popularity in India has made it an instant success.

According to a report in the National Herald newspaper, a smart house, as it’s known in India, is a house with a smart central hub, where a smart app and network can provide access to the entire house, with all the important stuff connected.

India’s Ministry of Urban Development has identified more than 150 such projects that are looking to be connected to the internet in the coming years.

A smart home is one of those projects, with plans to provide everything from refrigerators to air conditioners to security cameras.

The concept of the smart home has gained popularity in the UK after the UK introduced a smart thermostat for home and work, and a smart fridge.

It was followed by a smart door, smart door lock, smart lock, and smart door.

But the smart house in India may not be as successful as in the US.

“It’s more of an aesthetic design concept,” said Sanjeev Kumar, a partner at the architecture firm Kapil Sibal.

There are a few elements that make this concept a bit difficult for UK architects, Kumar said.

One is that a lot of the components of the house can be replicated on a single site.

This can be problematic, especially for projects with lots of interiors.

Another issue is the logistics involved in the creation of a smart home.

You need to know where everything is.

And the logistics of creating an air-conditioning unit, for example, can be quite time-consuming, Kumar added.

All of this is compounded by the fact that the UK is a small country.

In the past few years, the number of UK projects has surged, Kumar noted.

Many UK architects have relocated to India, Kumar told the National Post.

That means there is a lot more opportunity to get involved in this emerging market.

Kumar said the British government’s support for the project has been very encouraging, and he is confident that the smart homes will make an impact in the country.

“I would say it’s been very positive,” Kumar said of the project’s impact in India.

“We have a strong local workforce here, we have a great infrastructure here, and the UK government is very supportive of the concept.”

A smart house is currently being developed in Mumbai, and Kumar hopes it will become a major success in the capital.

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