• August 29, 2021

How the 80s inspired the 90s interior designs

A decade ago, I would have described the 80’s as a time of radical changes in design, from the shift to computer screens to the rise of “designers”.

Today, I think it’s safe to say that we’re still in a period of radical change.

While the design trends of the past decade have largely faded, we’ve seen new trends emerge and evolve.

In a recent article in Architectural Digest, I highlighted the influence of the 80 and 90s design eras on contemporary interior design.

But that article also noted that there are elements of the design styles of those eras that are still influencing modern interior design today.

For example, the 80-s era saw the shift from the flat-screens to the curved screens, while the 90-s period saw the rise and fall of the flat screen.

So, what elements of those design eras influenced contemporary interior designers?

To answer that question, we decided to take a look at some of the most popular design elements of that era and explore how they have influenced contemporary designs today.

I’m also interested in whether there are any trends or trends that could be influenced by these influences.

To that end, I’ve researched the design elements that were most influential in creating modern interior designs and have used them as examples to help illustrate these ideas.

In this post, I’ll look at the influences on modern interior designers on a few of the current trends in design.

The 80s-era Design Elements: Flat Screens A major influence on modern design elements The 80’s era of flat screens came during a time when curved screens were widely available, and people were moving towards a flat-screen-oriented lifestyle.

As a result, many designers began to make use of curved screens in their designs. In the 80′s, designers began incorporating the use of flat- screen monitors in their home decor designs, with many of these designs incorporating flat- screens as part of their designs (including this house in San Francisco).

The flat screen, along with curved screens and other similar technologies, made home design the first era of digital design, and has continued to be an important element of design for the rest of our lives.

However, while flat-siding was a major trend in the 80´s, it didn’t take off until the 90′s.

In that era, the flat panel and curved screen design trend started to take off, and today, a wide range of flat panels are used in many modern homes, including those designed by renowned architects like Philip Johnson and James Cameron.

As with any new technology, there are many design elements we can use to inform our designs.

For instance, the curved panel is a common element used in modern home decor and the flat, or rounded, panel is often used to accentuate the home’s shape.

But the flat and rounded design elements were also influential on contemporary design, as they were the first design elements to make their way into the design world.

In fact, they were so influential that they were named after the designer.

In my book, I explain that Philip Johnson’s Flat Panel is a very influential design element, as it is also used in the design of the new TV.

In contrast, the design influences on contemporary home design are varied, but the design changes that have resulted from the 90´s are notable.

The 1990s-inspired Design Elements are now the standard The 90s era of design started with the introduction of flat screen monitors, and in this era, curved screens have also made their way to home decor.

But as designers began embracing the use as part, in their design, of their homes design, curved and flat panels were also incorporated into many of their home décor designs.

The first time I ever used a flat screen in my home design was in 1994, when I bought a house in Southport, Australia, and my mother-in-law’s flat screen was the first time we had ever used curved screens.

Although we had already used curved and angled screens, curved-screen homes were a new idea for many designers at the time, and I think the flat wall, which is still in common use today, was the perfect opportunity for designers to experiment with the new technology.

I was also inspired by the idea of “flat-panel” design elements.

Flat panels are generally rectangular and have curved edges.

In many modern home designs, such as a large window, the main horizontal edge of the panels is typically the top of the home.

In other homes, such the one pictured above, the home is made up of a series of flat, triangular or “flat” panels that are separated by the main vertical edge of a flat panel.

However as you move to a wider screen, the primary vertical edge is replaced by a vertical one.

This makes it easier for a home designer to position a single flat panel above another.

In addition, a flat wall can be angled to the

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