• August 29, 2021

How the Islamic Republic of Iran’s modern farmhouse design was created

Inside Iran’s contemporary farmhouse, a project that was initiated in 2016, was a response to an acute economic crisis, according to architectural designer Ali Sajadi. 

The design concept, titled The Aladdin Farmhouse, was born out of a desire to make a house that could withstand the harsh winters in Iran, where the country suffers from frequent droughts and floods.

The Aladdin House is one of a series of seven buildings that Iran is developing that are designed to withstand severe weather conditions.

The seven structures are the result of a $500 million government project that began in 2015 to promote economic development and social development in Iran.

The five buildings, named Aladdin, Alabad, Alad, Amiri, and Amro, are all located in the city of Khorramshahr.

The Alabads are located near the southern edge of the city.

The buildings are located in an area that is known as the al-Jirah district, or “drought belt,” in the central Iranian province of Fars, located approximately 10 kilometers (6 miles) south of the Iranian capital, Tehran.

Aladdin, the second of the six new buildings in the project, will be located in a newly developed area known as Amiri. 

Amiri will be the second farmhouse designed in Iran after the one that was completed in 2017, which is the new Aladdin farmhouse.

Amiri will have a total floor area of more than 4,000 square meters (4,800 square feet), while Aladdin will have approximately 1,100 square meters.

The four new buildings will be constructed in phases and will be completed in 2021.

The new Alabadi farmhouse will be built in 2020. 

Sajadi, who is based in the United States, says that the Aladdin project is the result, in part, of Iran having a large number of people that are highly educated, as well as, the country’s proximity to the Gulf, where Iran’s economy depends heavily on oil exports. 

“These two factors are the main reasons behind the creation of this new project,” Sajdi told The Jerusalem Report in an email. 

This is an ongoing project, Sajdadi said, but he hopes the new buildings can be completed within the next five years.

The three other buildings that will be designed in the next two years are the Alborz Farmhouse and the Amiri Farmhouse.

The Amiri farmhouse is being built in a former Soviet military air base, which will serve as a temporary home for a few Iranian students, who are enrolled in the school.

The facility will also serve as an administrative center for the Iranian Academy of Sciences. 

In an interview with The Jerusalem Project, Sajiad told The Report that he hopes to complete the Al-Alba Farmhouse in 2021, and to complete Al-Amiri in 2022.

Sajdi also said that Iran’s new government, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), is taking an active role in the new project, and hopes that the new farmhouses will become part of the infrastructure for the city and the country. 

Alborz, the first farmhouse that was built in Iran is being designed by the IRGC.

The second, Amir, is being constructed by the Academy of Science.

The third, Amro is being planned by the National Atomic Energy Organization (ANA), the government agency responsible for the countrys nuclear energy. 

 The Islamic Republic also has a number of farmhouses that are currently being designed.

One such is the Al Al-Nagha Farmhouse that is being used as a base for a number, including the first Iranian nuclear reactor. 

A new farmhouse in Alboraz, in Iran’s western province of Khorasan, was built by the Ministry of Environment. 

Other recent developments include the construction of the Alabi Dam, a reservoir that is expected to increase Iran’s hydroelectric power generation capacity by 25 percent by 2020.

The project is being developed by the government. 

Several other Iranian farms are under construction.

In 2019, the Ministry for Water Resources signed an agreement with Iran’s National Hydropower Corporation (NNEC), which is a subsidiary of Iran Power, to develop an oil and gas pipeline from the Alabadr Dam to a port in Qom, in southwestern Iran.

This pipeline will transport Iran’s oil and natural gas from the north of the country to the Mediterranean Sea.

The NNEC is also currently developing the first offshore wind farm, located in Kerman province, on the eastern Mediterranean Sea, which was initially planned to be built on the Bekaa River.

The Bekani project, which has been in the works for several years, is a joint venture between the Iranian state and several private companies.

The state-owned Iranian Oil and

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