• August 23, 2021

‘The first thing you see when you enter this room is the sun’: How a designer and his team transformed a cottage into a modern, open-plan living room

The idea for a modern cottage was hatched after my friend, who works in construction, visited a cottage in Cornwall.

It was an opportunity to look at how we could make a room that could be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities, with open views of the sea, nature and a wonderful view of the river.

We then thought, ‘We’ve got to turn this into a house’, so we built the cottage as a house.

The living room is a beautiful mix of light, space and openness.

There are windows, a fireplace, an open-air deck and, yes, a solar panel.

It has a very unique, contemporary feel to it.

The kitchen has a separate kitchen, with a fully functioning fridge and freezer, and a large dining table, plus a huge window.

There’s also a large, open loft space, perfect for a group of friends.

I’m very pleased with how the kitchen turned out.

You’ll find that the main area of the cottage is open and you’ll be able to enjoy the sunsets of the mountains.

There is a huge living room with a lovely view, with windows in the back, a great view of a hill and a great roof terrace.

You also get a fantastic view over the sea from the terrace, and the views over the river are spectacular.

The design of the kitchen is also unique.

There was an effort to create a design that would look contemporary in a way that was open and inviting.

We’ve tried to make the kitchen a place for people to cook, and you get a lot of opportunities to enjoy cooking.

There will be plenty of seating in the kitchen.

We want to make sure that the space is very well-lit, with good ventilation.

You will also find that there is a separate living area with a large outdoor deck, with lots of seating and a beautiful view of Mt Lofty.

I think we’ve managed to create something that is very modern in a very open and modern way.

It is really a unique design and it will appeal to a wide range of people.

The roof terraces are very open, and there are plenty of options for people with different types of accommodation.

The main living room has a fully functional fridge and a freezer, plus an open space.

You get a view over Mt Lofter and the River, and then there is also a small open loft area that is a wonderful place for a couple to relax.

The bedroom area is a great place to sleep.

You can have a cup of tea in the living room, or relax in the open loft.

There has also been a great focus on the kitchen, and we’ve designed a kitchen that is incredibly versatile.

There have been loads of ideas for the kitchen that we’ve been working on for the last six months.

We have a large sink that has a shower, a microwave and a cooker.

The oven has a range of options.

There were also ideas for a fridge and fridge storage unit, but that was decided against because of space constraints.

There also needs to be space for a washing machine, and for a large dishwasher.

It also needs a lot more storage space, as you can’t have the fridge with you.

There can be a lot going on in the house.

There should also be a great opportunity to create space for socialising and having a great time.

It’s a unique house and you can really enjoy it.

It should be a place that is perfect for people who are a bit more relaxed.

The second floor is the kitchen area, and that is where you get the view of Mount Lofty and the river from the main living area.

The view from the kitchen can be fantastic, especially if you have a lot to do.

You should be able see the mountains and the sea in the distance.

The sunsets are also a very special time for people.

You’ve got the best views of Mt Louth, the hills and the valleys of the Cumbrian Mountains.

The views can be great for a family of five, and are ideal for a night out with friends.

The bedrooms are very comfortable and have a big open kitchen and a big dining table.

You have a great room for a bed and you have plenty of space for bedding and a place to hang your bed sheets.

The bathroom is a fantastic space for people of a particular age and for people that like to relax on a sofa.

There needs to also be room for an extra toilet, a sink and a toilet paper roll dispenser.

The family room is also very good for a day out.

The open area has plenty of storage space and lots of options, including a great bin to take the items you need.

There may be a spare room if you need something special.

There really is an opportunity for a special occasion, or you can have something special on a special day.

There need to be lots of

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