• August 19, 2021

Europe’s interior design is in crisis

SEATTLE — Europe’s interior designers are in crisis as they struggle to adapt to a changing marketplace, the latest from an emerging industry that is increasingly dominated by Western companies.

It’s not just the French who are losing money on their designs, but others are also finding it difficult to get enough financing to keep them afloat.

For example, Italy is grappling with the fallout from a record influx of migrants in the past few years, and is struggling to make ends meet.

In the U.K., a new government-funded commission to look at how interior design can be used to help the economy is still in the early stages.

“We have seen a dramatic shift,” said Anna Girot, an interior designer based in Milan, Italy.

“The interior designer has to adapt and adjust, and that’s what’s happened.”

The industry has been booming in recent years, fueled by globalization and demand for interior design services from Western companies such as BMW, Ikea and Zara.

Its growth has also come amid a global financial crisis, which has forced companies to cut back on staff.

Some have shut down or moved production overseas.

Girot is part of an international consortium of interior designers, architects and interior designers working to combat this problem.

The International Design Forum is a nonprofit organization that aims to support the development of innovative and creative ideas, especially for the global design industry.

It is based in New York, and also has offices in New Zealand and Switzerland.

The organization works with universities, governments, corporations and the public to identify innovative ideas and to identify opportunities to support new designs.

The organization has been working to build on its existing work in the design field, focusing on how designers can use design to solve pressing global problems.

As the economic downturn has worsened, some companies have pulled back on their investments in the interior design industry, and others have closed shop entirely, while some are planning to make a major restructuring.

Girolts work in Milan is an example of this.

She is working on a project for the Italian government to study the sustainability of interior design.

It has been funded by a new EU project, the EU Interior Design Fund, and will last for at least five years.

In a statement, the foundation said it has been a great success and is helping the interior designers of Italy to achieve their goals and ambitions.

“The future of interior designs lies in the global marketplace,” the foundation added.

“We are in a position to continue to create innovative solutions for the people of Europe, but the challenges of the future are global and they will require our international partners to take more responsibility for this.”

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