• August 10, 2021

What do we know about the interior design of the 1960s?

Interior design has been the topic of intense debate in recent years, with a number of theories put forward to explain the style.

Many of the theories have been debunked, but one that has been gaining currency is that the 1960’s interior design was influenced by the 1960 European and American urban design.

Some have argued that the modernist influences in the 1960, such as the use of minimalism, a geometric design style and the use to blend elements of modern architecture with traditional Greek, were all elements that were adopted by the Italian designers of the time.

Other theorists have argued for the influence of modernism, with designers such as Alberto Giacometti and Jodorowsky often drawing inspiration from the work of artists such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Paul Rand.

While all of these theories have merit, there is one aspect of the debate that seems to be gaining the most traction: the idea that the interior designers of Italy were influenced by German architect Fritz Lang, who designed some of the most iconic and distinctive interior design works of the 20th century.

The first official word on the interior of the Italian Serie A club, Milan, comes in the form of a press release.

“Milan is a club that has a deep commitment to the tradition of the ‘Gothic’ aesthetic, which is very much reflected in its exterior,” Milan sporting director Massimiliano Allegri wrote in the press release, as quoted by Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Milan has always been a club for ‘Goths’ and we have a rich history with this type of design.”

While it may seem unlikely that Milan would have embraced the “Goth” aesthetic, there have been other reports in the past that the club would have had a similar style, with Italian designer Alberto Giampietro once describing Milan as “a club for the ‘old guard’ of Italian football.”

Milan was founded in 1906, and was named after the city of Milan, a place where Giampritte lived and worked until his death in 1954.

Milan has a strong tradition of “old guard” football, which started with Giampi’s departure from the club in 1961.

In addition to Giampio’s iconic designs for Milan, Milan’s stadium, the San Siro, was named for the architect in the 1920s, while Milan’s football club name is often linked to the famous coach of the team, Paolo Allegri.

The club’s current owner, the former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, has been known to have a strong affinity for the “old Guard” aesthetic as well.

In his autobiography, Berlusco wrote that he loved the “gothic” look of the club, which he considered “modern in its simplicity, yet classical in its elegance.”

The “goths” aesthetic was a particular favorite of Berlusconis, and in his autobiography Berlusca described the club as a club “for the old guard,” with its iconic “Goths” logo, the name of the stadium, and the name “Milano” as his signature.

Berluscans obsession with the “Old Guard” aesthetics and style was apparent throughout his presidency, and it appears as though he has continued to adhere to this aesthetic in the years since.

Berlusconi is reportedly one of the only owners in Italy that has no affiliation with any of the clubs listed in the document, meaning that Milan fans would not have had access to the interior designs.

The club was reportedly sold to a Chinese consortium in 2016, though no details were given on the sale.

If Berlusso does indeed want Milan to be known for its “old-guard” aesthetic and aesthetic, it seems unlikely that the current owners of the Milanese club would agree to such a compromise.

It remains to be seen whether Milan will be able to make the move to a new stadium, but Berluso and the Milanistas will be sorely missed.

Source: Football Italy

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