• August 6, 2021

Trump’s Interior Design Internships Are Not Jobs, Study Says

A study published this week in the American Journal of Industrial Hygiene found that many interior design education programs offered by employers don’t actually help to improve the interior design profession.

The study was conducted by the Center for Responsive Law at Harvard University and the Institute for Justice.

It found that interior designers who enrolled in these programs had no measurable improvement in the number of interior design graduates, nor in the quality of their design work.

The authors, David M. Littman and David E. Meehan, also found that most interior designers enrolled in such programs did not receive any kind of salary or other compensation for their work.

These findings echo the findings of a recent report by the American Council on Education that found that the cost of interior designers’ education was roughly equivalent to the cost that students who went to graduate school actually paid.

According to the report, the median pay for a full-time interior designer is just $24,000 per year, and students who attended graduate school had to take out more loans and enroll in more hours to achieve that pay.

These graduates, on average, spent more than 10 years in the interior designer industry before they had to go back to school to earn a living.

The report, titled How Much Does a Design Internship Cost?, examined the average starting salary for a graduate student in interior design and found that it is around $27,000.

While the report does not address the exact costs of interior designer internships or the salaries of the students, it does say that the average costs are significantly higher than what graduates of these programs would have to spend on education.

The findings of the study do not surprise David Meehans, the author of the report.

MEEhans is a senior research associate at the Center on Law and Economics at Harvard Law School, where he focuses on the law and economics of the private sector.

He told Breitbart News that the results of the Harvard study are not surprising.

He said the typical cost of a graduate degree in interior designs is closer to $50,000, which is not too much for the average person to spend.

The average cost of attending an interior design program is more like $40,000 and, therefore, a graduate is unlikely to have to take on any kind, if any, additional debt.

The students who enroll in these types of programs are likely to have a better career because they can work more and earn more money, Meehmans said.

The Institute for the Study of Law and Technology at Boston University recently published a study in which it compared the cost and benefits of graduate school in interior designer education to a similar degree of education in law school.

It concluded that the degree of study in interior designers education does not make a significant difference in the graduates’ future earnings, although the graduates did experience a reduction in the cost they would have had to pay if they had not taken a degree in law.

The cost of education varies greatly depending on where a student is from and where they have to work.

Muhlenberg College in Virginia and the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Madison, Wisconsin, both offer full- or part-time programs for students interested in interior architecture.

In both cases, students must earn a minimum of $40 an hour in order to receive a stipend of $15 per hour, according to the university’s website.

The difference in costs between the two programs is minimal, the report states.

It adds that both programs are based on students working part- or full- time for a minimum wage, which can be around $15 an hour, and that the stipend is only a portion of the cost.

The program has no guarantee that students will make a living after graduation.

The institute said that its programs typically last from six to nine months, depending on the number and type of students that enroll.

In addition, the institute recommends that students complete their design education while they are still in school, and then move on to other types of education after completing the degree.

“There are some graduates that are able to complete the program with minimal or no work experience, but many of those graduates have never gone back to work,” Meehnans said in an interview.

The American Council for Education also released a study this week that found there is a significant cost to attending graduate school for interior design students.

The council, which advocates for public education, found that students in the program would have needed to spend an average of $27.10 per week on student fees to pay for their education.

That would have been roughly $4,500 annually for a working-class person, the study found.

The Council for the Advancement of Education in Architecture and Design, the organization that publishes the report and works with universities on their interior design curricula, said in a statement that the study was “inaccurate” and that it was “wrong to conclude that graduate school is a good investment for the future of the profession.” “The cost

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