• August 5, 2021

What to do if you want to make your home more timeless

The first time I visited Portland, Oregon, I walked into a room where a group of friends were sitting around a table.

Each person had a unique style, and each had a different color scheme.

It was like they were having a cocktail party.

As soon as I walked over, they all turned to me and asked, “What are you wearing?”

I told them it was a white t-shirt and jeans.

They looked at each other and said, “Really?”

The room was filled with everyone’s favorite items of clothing.

They weren’t looking for me to tell them what to wear, so I just did it.

I thought I was doing them a favor, but they loved it.

When I went back, I realized that I had completely overlooked the fact that the room wasn’t completely devoid of clothes.

In fact, I had overlooked a fundamental fact of modern design: that you should never take clothes away from someone.

I started a conversation with my friends about how they felt about their style.

They all agreed, and I was surprised by how much of a difference it made.

When we looked at the room again, I was amazed at how much they cared about their outfits.

They had all come together to tell me they wanted to be more timeless, and their clothes were the most timeless thing they owned.

It turned out that a great deal of design decisions are made by designers and designers alone.

What you wear matters a great much more than who you are.

What we don’t know is who our favorite designers are.

And the best thing we can do as designers is help others discover what their most important design decisions truly are.

This article was written by the design team at B&O Architects, a Portland-based firm.

For more information about the B&Os, visit www.booarchitects.com.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of B&os.

Learn more about how the design process works at the BO Architects website.

The opinions expressed in the articles on this blog are those of the authors and do in no way reflect the opinions of B+O Architects.

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