• August 2, 2021

Interior design in Miami


(AP) Interior design is now a major part of modern design.

The Miami metropolitan area is home to more than 20 major interior design firms, which have opened offices in more than 50 cities since 2008.

The Miami-Dade County Metropolitan Planning Organization announced Wednesday it has awarded more than $3 million in contracts to the firms to develop new and existing properties.

The awards are part of the city’s new urban design master plan, which calls for the preservation of the historic downtown area and preservation of many historic landmarks.

In some cases, the projects are focused on preserving historic buildings and the historic architecture that supports them.

Some of the work is for historic homes, although some of the money for the projects is for other uses, including retail, offices and housing.

The new master plan also calls for more preservation of downtown buildings, such as the Uptown Hotel, which is one of the few remaining buildings in the historic district.

The Uptowel has been a prominent landmark for decades, but it has been threatened by a development project that could destroy it.

The city says the master plan will also include new ways of creating new, sustainable uses.

The $3.5 million award is part of an effort to protect a large swath of historic downtown that has been vacant since the 1960s.

The plan calls for a mixed-use development that will include residential and retail spaces.

The master plan was unveiled at a citywide ceremony.

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