• July 22, 2021

When to consider an interior design degree: A guide to Houston interior design

The first step in getting into interior design is finding the right internship, which can be a tough sell for anyone who hasn’t been involved with interior design in some capacity.

But that’s where the experts come in.

With that in mind, Recode looks at the most common internship openings and what they’re worth.

We also dive into how the job market has changed since the first internship came around, and how to pick the right company to start your career.

We spoke with Marcin Mow, a professor of architecture at Georgia Institute of Technology who teaches design-focused courses, to get his thoughts on what an interior designer internship might look like in Houston.

Interviewee: Hi Marcin, thanks for taking the time to do this.

I’m Jason and I work for a large tech company called Dyson, and we have an internship in Houston right now.

So what are the chances of finding a job for this internship?

Marcin: Yeah, it’s a very tough one, actually.

So, first of all, you have to be interested in this.

You have to have an interest in architecture, because that’s the subject that you’re interested in.

And you have have to find someone that’s going to work on the project.

You’ve got to find a person that’s comfortable working with people, and then you’ve got a lot of other requirements, and you’ve just got to have a lot more knowledge.

So the key is to find the right person, and that’s really the first step.

And then after that, the second step is just finding a project, so if you’re a designer, you want to do something in architecture or design.

You know, if you want a job in architecture you need to have some sort of a background in architecture.

And if you just want to be a developer, you need a background of coding.

And that’s it.

So finding the project, you’ve gotta have an idea of what you’re looking for, and what kind of people you want, so then you just need to decide on what you want.

Interviewer: So you’re asking people who are interested in architecture?

Marcins: That’s right.

So if you are interested, then you know that you need someone who’s passionate about architecture, who has a good amount of technical background, who is working on a specific project.

And I think for most people, that’s an internship, but I’ve found that it’s also a great way to work with people.

If you’re doing a project that’s just design, you’re really not going to get a lot out of it.

And the same goes for any sort of technology.

You just want a good person who can work on a project and help you, so that’s how I see it.

Interviewer: That sounds good.

Marcins: Yeah.

And so if someone is really interested in that sort of thing, I think it’s just a really good way to get into it.

I think the problem is you know, in a lot like engineering, it can be hard to find people who actually want to work in architecture because they’re all interested in the same things, but they’re very different in terms of what they do.

And they just can’t really communicate with each other.

Interviewee: OK, well that’s one of the things that I’m curious about is, in terms in what way do you want people to find you?

So if someone wants to work for you, and they really want to learn about design and they want to get some sort to learn more about architecture and design, then why do you need them?

Marcinks: Well, first off, it depends on how you want it.

In terms of your personal career, if I’m designing, then that’s great.

But if I work on something like a hotel, then it might be a bit harder.

If I’m working on an office or something like that, then yes, I would like to work.

But I think if I was to work as a consultant or something, then I would prefer not to work there, but you know I’ve always been able to work because I’m really good at the design.

So I would say the way I think about it is if I’ve got an idea that I really want people that want to come to Houston and work on that, I really like working as a contractor and I like working in the hotel business.

Interviewing as a design intern or working as an intern is the next step.

So it depends how you’re going to approach that.

So there are some companies that are really nice and supportive, and theres not a whole lot of competition for them.

But then there are others that I’ve actually never heard of, so I’m not sure if they are really a good fit for me.

But for those that are, I guess the way to approach

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