• July 20, 2021

How to save $150k by moving to a more eco-friendly home

The Interior Design Institute released a report Thursday suggesting that if you want to save money in your home, you can do it without buying a brand-new house or investing in the newest technology.

The institute’s report titled “Green Home Design for Sustainable Living: An Integrated Approach” points to a number of ways homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint, which is an energy-intensive process in which the process of converting energy to heat and power involves many different components.

“The green home design process is an integral component of sustainable living and can provide you with a way to reduce your energy consumption, and therefore your carbon footprint,” said the report’s lead author, Mark Tauscher, a professor at the Institute.

According to the institute, if you are living in an eco-conscious lifestyle, then the main reasons you should invest in a new home are: “To reduce carbon emissions, reduce maintenance costs, and/or reduce your property taxes.”

As a result, the institute suggests homeowners move to a location that is more eco friendly, such as a less-polluting location.

The institute also suggests homeowners take the time to learn about the building codes and local regulations to avoid building unsafe structures and other harmful elements.

“Green home design is about making the most of your limited space,” Tausch said.

“The more space you have, the less expensive it will be for you to pay for things.

The more you can reduce the maintenance costs on your property, the more energy you’ll save.”

The institute suggests that if an eco friendly home is not available, homeowners should consider a hybrid home that has both eco- friendly features and an eco system.

It recommends buying an eco home and installing the eco system to save energy and reduce maintenance.

The eco system also allows homeowners to buy a home that is a sustainable alternative to traditional building materials, such that there is more room for furniture and appliances, and less energy used for heating and cooling.

“If you have the space, the budget, and the equipment, you could have a beautiful, eco-furnished home that’s designed to be sustainable,” Tauch said of the report.

“And if you don’t have the budget or the equipment and the space for a hybrid, it’s possible to make that hybrid.”

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