• July 16, 2021

When Is Your Home Going To Be Built?

When is your home going to be built?

With a $15 million bid, the architects behind the project are ready to unveil a stunning mansion that promises to bring a more contemporary twist to a city once dubbed “America’s most expensive luxury condo.”

The $15-million proposal by The Realtor’s Office of the Americas, Inc. is one of several projects from the real estate group’s real estate development arm that are set to take shape in the coming weeks and months, with more than two dozen residential units, offices, retail, residential living, a fitness center and more set to be announced in the next few weeks.

The Realtors office, which is a subsidiary of the REALTORS®, is the largest real estate agent network in the world, with a market value of $15.3 billion.

And its flagship real estate property, the $1.4 billion Mansion, is currently in the works in Miami Beach, Fla., and the next two weeks is the first in a series of cities it is targeting with the project.

The mansion, which will be built in an existing residential neighborhood, will be set on land owned by the Florida Keys Resorts and includes two floors of offices and a swimming pool, according to a press release from the group.

It will feature a courtyard and indoor/outdoor fitness center, with “an outdoor gym with fitness equipment,” as well as a rooftop terrace and “an intimate, one-bedroom apartment.”

A view of the Mansion’s exterior design.

The home will be clad in a high-gloss white stone, while its interior will be decorated in a contemporary design palette.

“It will be a very luxurious, luxurious living space that you can’t really describe,” said The Reactors Office of Americas president, Michael P. Gerson.

“And this will be the first time we’ve ever had a project that really, really, truly embraces that kind of design and style.”

The mansion’s design team includes architects of the likes of Gensler, McQueen, Herzog, and others, as well a team from Chicago-based CAA, which has designed other luxury condo projects.

Gentsler, a veteran real estate developer, is working with the Reacters office to develop the project, and the group is hoping to bring on additional help to bring the project to life.

According to Gerson, this is “the most ambitious project we’ve had in our entire portfolio, and we’re looking forward to bringing it to life and seeing how the project turns out.”

According to the press release, the home will feature “a full-service, one-, two-, or three-bedroom villa” with “a spa, bar, kitchen, dining room, library, full-size gym and fitness center,” as the first floor will have “luxury amenities including heated swimming pools and a large indoor pool with a hot tub and fitness equipment.”

There will also be a rooftop deck with a terrace overlooking the ocean and a spa that is “designed to allow for privacy and relaxation.”

The project will include “a beautiful outdoor courtyard,” and a “large indoor pool,” as will a full-sized, “living room,” “office,” “garden,” “bistro,” “dining room” and “retail space,” as also the “kitchen,” “bedroom” and a private “retro-style” home.

Gentsler is also partnering with the group’s office, The Realty Group, to bring in additional real estate specialists to work with the mansion.

“We’re delighted to partner with The Reacts to bring our signature luxury condo to the Miami market,” said Michael P Gerson in a statement.

“With this project, we are able to bring more luxury condos to Miami, and to offer a more upscale, refined and luxurious living experience.

The Reactions have a proven track record and expertise in bringing luxury condos and residential projects to the market.”

The Reacts, who own and operate the popular Miami Beach resort, has been developing luxury condos for years, but this project will be their first condo project outside of Miami, Gerson said.

He added that the resort’s property manager, John Rocha, will also help to “develop” the project for the Reacts.

The house will also feature “an incredible outdoor terrace,” as its landscaping and design will “emphasize a connection between the house and the ocean,” and it will be designed to “provide natural light,” Gerson added.

A view from the exterior of the new mansion.

The project’s design will be inspired by the original plans of the mansion, but will “deliver a more modern, contemporary twist,” said P Gersons office.

The group hopes to “delight Miami’s creative community” with the design, and hopes that “Miami’s creative scene will continue to flourish as we design more luxury condo properties.”

The building’s exterior

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