• July 15, 2021

The most underrated designers in the UK

The UK’s interior design market has been struggling to find the right mix of styles, says a new report by research company IDC.

The report, which ranks the most and least desirable interior designers, looked at more than a thousand projects across the UK and found that the majority of designers are not looking to design an “exotic” style, but instead want to look the part and achieve a balance between elegance and functionality.

Read more: Top 10 UK interior designersThe report also found that designers with strong designs are often rewarded with clients, but that the “real rewards” are often seen on the inside of the home.IDC says the market is ripe for more “exotics” and that a lot of people don’t want to “get carried away” by “fashionable” design.

The report says that “in a highly competitive industry”, designers should aim to deliver the most “exquisite” design and services in the least amount of time.

“The demand for a home that reflects the individual’s personality and style is on the rise, and we’re seeing a lot more “interior” design projects,” said Daniel McQuillan, IDC’s senior vice president for UK, Europe and Central Asia.

The number of projects looking to achieve an “interactive and personal” feel has also grown.

“The demand is for more personal and personalised homes that connect with the outside world,” he added.

While some projects are more about making a design aesthetic rather than functional, IDCs findings suggest that a good mix of modern, contemporary and classic designs is a must.

“Interior design is becoming increasingly connected with the personal, and it is becoming more important to achieve this mix of design,” McQuiller said.

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