• July 9, 2021

What’s in a name? – Wall Street J

The Wall St. Journal reports that a new brand has emerged from the design world to take on the challenge of defining what a name means.

The design-led company, called Interior Design Tips, was launched by the designer Daniel Vastra and the publisher of Design magazine.

The firm has designed everything from the new Ford Mustang to the new Porsche 911 and even the new Nissan Leaf.

The website boasts of its “tremendous expertise” in the design and construction of buildings, including the new headquarters for a New York City hotel, the new hotel in Dubai, and the new U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. Vastas office, located in New York, has offices in London, Seoul, and Hong Kong.

Vastra says his firm is not a new name.

Instead, it is a new way of saying, “Our product is Interior Design,” he says.

It’s an idea he had long ago.

“The name Interior Design Tip is about the concept of ‘interior,’ and the notion that we all share a common space,” Vastras company says on its website.

I’m always trying to think of something new, Vastras says, adding that he first thought of the word “interior” in 2012.

“It’s a term that I used on a conference call with an interior design firm.

It was a very broad term.

It meant a lot of different things, including ‘a space, space,’ and it seemed to be very specific to a particular group of people.”

The word “Interior” was first used in the late 1800s to describe a group of architects, designers, engineers, and builders.

The word came into common use in the early 1900s, with the construction of the New York subway, but it didn’t take off until the 1930s, according to Vastrase’s company’s website.

The term then took on a broader meaning as interior design became more popular, he says, noting that it came to mean a place of privacy and peace.

In the mid-1990s, Vashas company started focusing more on its brand and its design.

He says his goal is to bring the word back into the modern world, and he hopes to get the word into as many homes as possible.

But Vastrs branding is not unique.

In his new company’s logo, a black bird with a white wingspan, and a red star symbolizes its purpose as a “leading design brand.”

Vastrastra says he created the bird with his wife, and it symbolizes their mission to “bring together the spirit of design with the spirit and passion of design.”

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